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Nuhydro Capabilities

Design And Building capabilities

NuhydroTM is a company that understands the importance of a strong engineered design as the basic foundation of any industrial product and hence has developed an excellent design team that thrives on challenges presented to them. We are highly capable organization that is capable of designing and manufacturing of cardan shafts and allied components to the requirements of our clients. The design department is kept in pace with the best of parametric design softwares and the designs are analyzed using the latest FEA methods to ensure that highest quality is achieved even before the product is actually manufactured!

The manufacturing process is closely controlled to ensure no compromise is made at any point and a uniform quality, both external and internal, is achieved.

NuhydroTM designs and manufactures cardan shafts as small as rotational dia. 70 mm to large shafts of rotational dia. 1200 mm and bearing torque rating range of 500 Nm to 9000000 Nm.

NuhydroTM has grown to become pioneer in development & production of industrial Cardan shafts / Driveshafts / Propeller shafts with well manufacturing plants in New Delhi, India.

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