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Nuhydro Cardan Shafts

Universal Joint Cross/Universal Joint Shaft

Universal Joint Cross Bearing

A universal joint shaft allows driving torque to be carried via two shafts that are at a different angle to each other. NuhydroTM is a cardan shaft supplier and universal joint shaft manufacturers in India.

Universal Joints or Cardan Joint from NuhydroTM offer suitable mechanical drive solutions in nearly all industrial sectors due to their versatile design and their high efficiency.

Advantages and benefits for Universal Joint Cross

  • High torque capacity even at large deflection angles
  • Our energy efficient, weight-optimized, and high-performance drive shaft universal joint are developed by using FEM calculations and latest technologies to provide optimal strengths, high torsion, & bending resistance.
  • Reduced life-cycle maintenance costs due to reliable joint shafts
  • Increased efficiency due to less downtime

Our Universal Joint Cross are forged and are made of alloy steel, especially prepared for heavy duty application. Finest quality needles are applied to ensure extra-long life.

  • In case cross joint is required for NuhydroTM industrial universal joints, please mention our shaft model number
  • If the cross joint is required as per your specification, kindly choose the type from the given figures and give us the dimensions or submit the detailed diagram.
  • Our Cardan shafts are further characterized by low-maintenance components and low maintenance costs over the entire product life cycle.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • High Performance, Custom-made universal joint shafts
  • Standard universal joint shafts
  • Shaft support systems (spindle support/spindle balance, roll end sleeve support/huggers etc.)

Our balancing systems allow the balancing of cardan universal joint shafts with quality and highest accuracy to adhere the specifications for applications that involves universal joints. Low vibrations while running reduces the stress on the drive and the universal shafts leading to a longer service life and low operating noise.

In case of any custom requirements or any specific type of Universal joint, our specialized staff will happily help you to find the appropriate universal joint for your need or will develop a suitable solution according to your quality needs. We are one of the best universal joint cross manufacturer, universal joint shaft manufacturer and universal joint shaft supplier because of our long years of expertise and quality delivery.

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NuhydroTM has grown to become pioneer in development & production of industrial Cardan shafts / Driveshafts / Propeller shafts with well manufacturing plants in New Delhi, India.

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