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Safety Policy

We consider our employees as our pillars of strength and the primary emphasis at NuhydroTM is to keep our employees in the best physical and mental health. We at NuhydroTM consider the safety of our people seriously. All care is taken to ensure the same.
NuhydroTM provides its employees with thorough safety training from time to time. We also ensure our employees working in hazardous conditions have the proper gear to keep them safe.

We have established guidelines to be followed to achieve our objectives in terms of safety and ensure that it is understood and implemented.

Assessment of the guidelines and of equipments is carried out from time to time to ensure that everything is at the very best and no compromise is being done to the well being of our people.

NuhydroTM has grown to become pioneer in development & production of industrial Cardan shafts / Driveshafts / Propeller shafts with well manufacturing plants in New Delhi, India.

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